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How to Ollie on a Fingerboard

1.Put your index finger between the nose of the board and the logo. The closer to the nose you put your finger, the more control you will have of your Ollie. The closer to the logo you put your finger, the higher your Ollie will be. A good compromise would be about on the bolts, for a more versatile Ollie.

2.Put your middle finger on the tail of the board.

3.Push down fairly hard on the tail with your middle finger. The nose will rise into the air, but don't move your middle finger. Keep the board this way. This is called a "Pop" and is not necessarily a trick, but an essential move to learn, and to help improve your Ollie.

4.Now it's time to do the actual Ollie. Fingering positions are the same as before. Pop the board.

5.As soon as you see the nose start to rise into the air, move your hand almost vertical, while sliding your index finger up the nose to level the board in the air.

6.Land the board back down, and roll away cleanly. Don't slam the board down, because it loosens the axle bolts.




  • For very high ollies (up to 4 feet of air) try rolling back then popping and keep lifting your hand out of the way. The board will usually follow your hand. If done correctly, your ollie will be very high! NOTE: When using this method, the higher you get, the harder it becomes to land it. If it is really high, such as 4 ft, an inexpertly performed trick will cause the board to hit the ground and do a mad spin.
  • Don't get discouraged if you don't get it in the first ten minutes.
  • Try to curl your finger so you hold it then let it go when you land
  • Make sure your fingers leave the Tech-Deck once you get more advanced.
  • Try jumping over things like food, paper, pens etc.
  • Try ollies on your upper leg (don't do this if you have skinny legs or if you can already ollie on a hard surface or you will ruin your technique)
  • If you get frustrated, don't throw your board!
  • When in the air, if you want to, pick up your middle finger in air so you can get a good landing and slide index finger just a little bit.
  • Don't get discouraged; it takes a long time.
  • Don't give up and don't slam your board too hard or the trucks will get very loose.
  • Also, make sure that you do it somewhere where if you lose the board, you can get it back. Doing this in the lounge where there's long tables and couches all over the place isn't the best place. Outside at school, on benches right next to the gutters isn't the place of choice either.
  • Sometimes the Ollie goes a little too fast to see, so try doing it onto something so you can see if you actually did it.
  • Have fun!
  • Don't waste too much time on it, though.



  • Don't try to do this in front of your parents. It will drive them insane!
  • Keep the tech decks away from children under the age of seven.
  • Dont put your face right next to it.
  • If your in school dont take it out to much or the teachers will take your awesome techdeck!


 Things You'll Need





  • A Fingerboard
  • Something to jump over
  • A hard surface
  • A lot of practice!

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