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Loaded Dervish Sama Complete

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The Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard is a super fun board for cruising, carving, and freeriding. It has a pretty fair amount of flex that can be customized further with the multiple flex options that Loaded offers (1-3). When you set it up with a nice turny truck it is fun for flowing down hills, doing big carves, and doing a ton of different types of slides. Due to the flex it isn’t going to perform the best at high speeds but for moderate speeds the Loaded Dervish Sama is one of the most fun boards out there. We especially loved the kicktails for popping shove-its and no complies!

  • Length:42.80"
  • Width:9.00"
  • Wheelbase:31.50
  • Construction:Bamboo/Fiberglass
  • Concave:Mild
  • Flex:Flexy
Flex 1: 170-250+ lbs / 75-114+ kg
Flex 2: 100-185+ lbs / 45-84+ kg
Flex 3: 75-150+ lbs / 35-68+ kg


  • Loaded Dervish Sama Complete
    • Product name:Loaded Dervish Sama Complete
    • Product brand:Loaded
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